Sébastien Michaud was almost always a Montrealer. One of these early photographic series had as a theme the oil refineries of eastern Montreal and was inspired by the Marghera series of the Italian photographer Alessandra Chemollo. Having received his academic training in film photography at the turn of the 2000s, he continued his career in visual art at the Université du Québec à Montréal until 2013. After a few multidisciplinary art exhibitions, he devoted himself almost exclusively to the photographic medium. He has been working as a photography teacher for 5 years.

He was able to show his images in public, among others, during the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographs in Gaspésie in 2013, at Espace F in Matane in 2014 and at the Montélimar Festival of Photography in France in 2015 with his project Domaine de La Florida. He is currently working on two long-term projects that have already won ND awards 2017, International Photography Awards 2018, and Photography Grant 2018. Both projects will be published.

Many of these works are in private and public collections, including the Louise-et-Reuben-Cohen Art Gallery Collection at the Moncton University. He has been part of several selection panels and photographic competitions.



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